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The famous Newark international airport is present on the boundary located between Newark and Elizabeth, in the state of New Jersey. The Newark international airport is a property of Newark city and all its functions and happenings over here are handled and operated by the port authority of Newark and New Jersey. The commercial operations in the airport were started on 1st October 1928. Nowadays it is the world’s busiest airport that operates commercial flights and is the most prominent airport in the metropolitan area. Back during the times of World War II, this place was used by the US army for their logistic operations. The name was given to the airport in the 1970s and in the 1980s this airport had undergone dramatic expansions. This airport has three terminals and in the late 1960s, there was the development of a monorail system, which was supposed to connect all the terminals, rental car facilities, and parking areas.

If you want to go to the airport you can use different types of car services operating over there. They can take you to the airport and can bring you back on time. This is beneficial if you are not having a personal vehicle to travel to. There are many best car services available at the Newark airport. I also use the car service to Newark airport near me when I am going from one place to another, by air. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania then you can also hire a car service to the Newark airport from PA. There are many car services available, according to your budget. If you want to travel first class then you may hire the expensive one or otherwise, you can have the cheapest car service to Newark airport, no matter what price you pay, but the services are always the best. If you are confused about which car service to hire, because many services are operating in the city, then you can go for the Newark airport car and limo services, because this is the most trusted transportation company over here. The company is trusted by the visitors and locals because it offers professional and reliable services in the whole of New Jersey. Hiring a car service to the Newark airport costs very little. Then the regular transportation used by the people for traveling, and this includes taxis and public transport. The companies like Newark car and limo services are the best because they offer you a car seat alsor44, this is important if you are traveling with little kids. They can rest over there while traveling. In addition to this, you can utilize the services of this company no matter where you are living, in New Jersey, for instance, if you are a resident of Long Island then you can have car service to Newark Airport from Long Island. Nowadays the town car service Newark airport is also in operation and it is utilized and liked by many people. The Newark car and limo services are a transportation company admired by many people for their amazing services.

Important tips for traveling to the airport

An important thing that everyone should keep in mind before traveling anywhere, for example, an airport or a restaurant is to consider the peak hours. In the case of the Newark airport the peak hours are normally between 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. and also between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. During these timings there is a lot of traffic and crowd. The busiest days of the airport are Thursdays and Fridays. So if you are traveling in the peak hours then don’t forget to drop off from the vehicle on the roadside, which is close to the curbside of the departure terminal. Your driver should remember an important thing that parking on the roadways of the airport and the curbside are not allowed in any case. But if you need to wait for some reason then you can utilize the cell phone lot, and it is almost five minutes away from all the terminals of the airport. The airport authority and the staff recommends that you need to come to the airport two hours before the domestic flight and three hours if you are traveling internationally. Reaching the airport before time is really necessary otherwise you would miss the flight. An important thing is to have a look at the map of the airport once before traveling so that you may not get lost, in the busy and crowded airport.

Terminals in the airport

This airport has three terminals and along with this, there is a total of one hundred and ten gates in the airport. All these terminals are arranged in a semi-circular structure and they are called terminal A, B and C. For going from one terminal to another people can use the AirTran which is a free service and it is available. Terminal A deals with the handling of domestic and regional flights. This one is based on three concourses and has four levels. The major airlines operating from this part include JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, and American airlines. The B terminal specializes in handling international flights and may deal with domestic flights sometimes. This one has three concourses and is the hub for some major airlines such as Delta Airlines, spirit airlines, frontier airlines, and allegiant airlines. Terminal C has three concourses and is specifically used by united airlines.

The airport parking facilities

The Newark international airport has several parking options. Inside the airport, all the terminals have the option of short-term parking. Over here if you are going to park your vehicle for 30 minutes then it would cost you almost 4 dollars. In this place, you can park a vehicle for more than 24 hours. There is daily parking also where you can use lot P1/P3 and garage P4. These are the lots from where you can approach AirTran easily. Here it would cost you 4 dollars to park for 30 minutes. There is economy parking also and here you can use the P6 lot. It will cost you almost 18 dollars for parking here for a full day. It is three miles away from the terminal.

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