Someone who travels by air often knows that having a layover once in a while is inevitable especially if you are traveling long distances or have a connecting flight. Newark Liberty International Airport is one of those airports where a layover sometimes becomes a must but the said layover doesn’t have to be boring at...
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How to prepare a business travelers checklist

If you are a business owner then traveling is a major part of your business. You have to travel for different kinds of meetings, deals or to promote your business. The traveling can be international or inside the country. No matter if you are traveling across the world or to the other end of the...
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The History of Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Metropolitan Airport, as it was originally named, had opened its gates to passengers back in 1928, on 68 acres of reclaimed land. It was the first, and for more than a decade the only airport serving the New York City metropolitan area. The administration building designed in the art deco style had been finished...
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How To Select The Ideal Newark Airport Limo Service

In the words of the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Well, not quite. In this day and age, beginning a journey seldom happens before you have taken very many prior, planning steps. Undertaking a journey involves a lot of work. Evaluating your destination options, booking...
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