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An airport transportation service like Newark Airport Car & Limo Services is exactly what you need for a stress-free trip to New Jersey or to get safely to and from the Newark Airport. As an experienced company, we know that if you are new to an area that you want to know the best things about visiting the area. We want to let you know all about the history of this great county as well as some of the best things that you can do while you are here.

About Burlington County, NJ

By area, Burlington County is the largest county in New Jersey. It has a population of nearly 447,000 residents and is located east of the Delaware Valley. Burlington County is considered to be part of the Philadelphia-Camden-Vineland Combined Statistical Area, which is also referred to as Delaware Valley. This county does stretch across the entire state. This area was originally established in 1681, as part of the Province of West Jersey. The county was officially formed in 1694 and was the seat of the government for the Province of West Jersey.

This county is primarily known for the agriculture here, but it is also known for its manufacturing. Agriculture is the leading industry here and is one of the leading agricultural counties in the entire country. Some of the largest blueberries in the world originated from this county. It is also the 2nd largest producer of cranberries in the United States.

There are some pieces of history that is a part of Burlington County. In 1677, the town of Burlington was founded when a group from England came to this area aboard the ship Kent. It’s also home to the Burlington County’s historic Court House, which was built in 1796 in Mount Holly. This courthouse is so famous because it is widely considered to be one of the best examples of early American architecture in the entire country.

Things to Do in Burlington County, NJ

Now that you know all about the beginnings and other information about Burlington County, it’s time to take a look at all of the great adventures that you can have while you are here. The good news is that there are a lot of different types of activities that you can enjoy here. This section will take a look at some of the best things that you can do while visiting Burlington County.

Batsto Village

Located in the Wharton State Forest, Batsto Village is a great bit of history to check out in Burlington County. It is a historic unincorporated village, which dates back to 1766. Today, it is a popular location for self-guided tours to witness a piece of local history. It has over 40 sites and structures on this property including a sawmill, Batsto mansion, carriage house, blacksmith, and other historic sites. In addition to the many historic buildings, there are also scenic trails that make for excellent hiking or biking.

New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve

The New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve is a very unique location that has berry farms and historic villages in addition to the forests and wetlands of this reserve. There is a diverse variety of wildlife and plant life that you can take in here, making it an incredible experience for an outdoor adventure. The walking paths offer gorgeous sights, or you could enjoy a night or two of camping as well.

Valenzano Family Winery

Located on a family grain and livestock farm, this winery is among the largest wine producers in the state. You can enjoy a guided tour as well as taste some of the incredible local wine offered by this winery. This is a great way for adults to spend their time in Burlington County.

The Funplex

Looking for a fun way to spend the day, especially if you have kids? The Funplex is the place to be. This is an amusement park with indoor and outdoor attractions, including an arcade. You can enjoy rides, bowling, go-karts, mini-golf, and laser tag. This is a great way to spend the day.

Atsion Lake

This is a man-made lake that can be found in the Wharton State Forest. Part of the Mullica River, the lake is the perfect spot for various water activities including boating, swimming, and fishing. You can also enjoy a hike or go camping here as well.

Burlington County Prison Museum

Located right next to the Burlington County Jail, this is a historic museum that was once the oldest prison still in operation before it was closed. This prison was very well-designed for its time, with progressive elements such as individual cells, fireproof construction, and good ventilation. It has been a National Historic Landmark since 1986.

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

For an awesome location for outdoor adventures, this is the best place to check out. You can enjoy hiking, running, or just walking through nature when you visit this location. There’s even a small zoo where you are able to check out rescue animals. You can also learn a lot about the local wildlife here.

Palmyra Cove National Park

For great riverfront trails, Palmyra Cove National Park is a great place. You can sit along the riverbank and get great views of the bridge. You can see incredible local wildlife as you walk around these clearly marked trails. This is a fun little place to visit.

Rancocas State Park

This state park was established in 1965 and can be found along the northern branch of the Rancocas Creek. There are various trails with different difficulties, allowing everyone to have some great hiking activity to enjoy here.

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