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Don’t Be Afraid – We’ve Got You Covered

As life begins returning to “the new normal” you may find yourself struggling with the idea of this unusually surreal world. We are bravely taking our first steps back into the working and social realms, and for many of us, travel is a huge concern. Despite the many videos, news reports and educational brochures surrounding us, the Covid 19 Virus is an unknown monster- and fear is completely rational. Rest assured; we have put all the appropriate measures in place to keep you safe.

We value and care for our clients and their wellbeing. In terms of practical steps, this means we will not allow anyone who is sick to share the vehicle with you. No driver will be permitted to work if they, or anyone in their families are showing symptoms.

As a reliable car service to Newark airport, we will naturally sanitize and disinfect the vehicle after each car ride. Our airport car service would also encourage you not to overexert yourself in coming out if you are feeling ill yourself. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms- stay home, enjoy a hot cup of tea, and rest up. There is plenty of fun to be had with our luxurious airport limo services when you return- and bring your friends! Traveling is often associated with stress and with the added anxiety of the Covid 19 virus, we understand your hesitation.

Below are a few tips courtesy of our airport car service to help you remain calm and keep your mental health at equilibrium:


According to Applied Psychology Solutions, “Avoidance will make anxiety worse”. In other words, be mindful of what you are feeling and make the effort to tackle the issue. It is common practice to suppress emotion in our daily lives, and so many will experience the manifestation of travel anxiety as pre-travel fear, in the days leading up to their trip.

Stress management techniques

Being aware of your surroundings and practicing breathing exercises have been known to ease stress. There are plenty of online resources to help find the best technique for you. If you are able, consulting a professional may be a great support.


Bring a distraction with. It could be a book, video game, music or whatever your preferred hobby. Our Newark airport car service certainly won’t ask you to turn it down! Distractions are good to redirect the thoughts to something positive and improve the mental state.


Do your research. Knowing what to expect is always a good way to feel prepared thus avoiding panic. Choosing a reliable airport transportation service is important – and we promise not to disappoint. Overall, being prepared is always advisable because it means you will already have the solutions to any problems that may arise and so they will be quickly managed.


A common google search: cheapest car service to Newark airport. Yes, we have all been there. Travel can be pricy, especially when operating on a budget, but we assure an affordable, yet safe option for you and your family. Before travelling, budget your overall travels and always leave a margin to spend- it is comforting knowing you have a little something extra for emergencies.


A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Don’t worry, there’s no need to walk anywhere; Newark Airport car & limo services have got you covered. Traveling alone may add to your burdens, so bring along a trusted companion when possible. Our wonderful limo services will take care of you should decide to bring a few.

Coronavirus research

Reading up on the Corona Virus and how to protect yourself is essential. Research suggests the virus is spread by direct contact as well as surface transmission. As mentioned, we have taken the situation very seriously and enforced a system following preventative measures. We advise you continuously sanitize and strictly keep your mask on throughout your travels and interactions with people.

Avoid false media

With false media and incorrect information running rampant, follow only trustworthy sources to update yourself on the latest statistics and news. Fallacious news causes unnecessary panic and stress. There have been countless cases of messages and articles being forwarded and shared on social media, which have sought only to insight fear, and gain views. Do not trouble yourself with anything other than fact.


Few people may enjoy the minor admin tasks such as checking on your medical insurance, however as current affairs stand, knowing your benefits, or adjusting them as needed, may bring you relief. The thought of being stranded in an unfamiliar area and unable to afford health care is a scary possibility. Find out whether you will be covered should you contract the disease and need medical assistance.


As much as we would love you all to enjoy a trip in our smart Newark airport car services, if you are a high-risk candidate, we advise you stay at home. When the virus is no longer a threat, we will welcome you with open arms, however we care for your health.


The bottom line is finding the most suitable method or system that will keep you positive and happy during your travels. We would not want you to miss out on any special occasions due to travel anxiety, nor would we want you to put yourself in harm’s way by choosing the wrong airport transportation service. Next time you are preparing for a trip, ditch the fear and contact Newark airport car and limo services, we’ve got you covered!


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