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International Time

Traveling internationally can be exciting, especially if it’s your first time traveling abroad. But knowing the time differences between where you live and where you are going are important for several reasons. Here at Newark Airport Car & Limo Services, we want to make sure that you have the best experience while traveling. That’s why we are here to tell you everything that you need to know about international time, including some tools that you can use to find international time.

Where to Find International Time

Before getting into where to find the international time, this section will look at the different things that you need to know about international time. There are different terms that are important to know if you are traveling internationally. One of the most important of those terms is “time zone”. Across the globe, there are a total of 24 time zones, each of which have a one-hour time difference.

There are several factors that determine the times within these zones including factoring in Daylight Savings Time. Understanding time zones is very important to be aware of when traveling. Just for example, say that you are leaving on your flight at 9:30 PM on the first of May from the west coast. You then take a 12–15-hour flight to an area in Asia like Hong Kong where you will sometimes arrive in the morning on May 3rd (2 calendar days later). This means that you will miss an entire day, and this can have a significant impact on your plans.

You should also be aware of 24-hour clocks. When you are traveling either between or within a foreign country, the times displayed on the arrival and departure boards, boarding passes, and other things throughout the airport use 24-hour time. This eliminates the need for saying “AM/PM” when distinguishing between times. The time starts at midnight, which is 0000, then goes to 0100 (1 AM), 0200 (2 AM) and so on.

It can be a good idea to set your clock on your watch to the time of where you are going on your trip. This can help you with any confusion with time.

Here are some great places to check out to get the current time anywhere in the world:




What Should You Know About International Time

As previously mentioned, it can be very important to know time zones when planning your trip. There are things that you should be aware of that you may not know when it comes to time zones across the globe. This section will take a look at some interesting facts that you may not know about international time.

You may be surprised to know that in Paris, somehow the sun sets both earlier and later than it does in London. This is possible because France is located in a time zone that’s an hour ahead of UK but it’s also slightly to the east of the UK. Because of this, the sun sets first in Paris but it’s actually an hour later than London.

Another interesting thing to know about international time is that the time zones don’t necessarily follow a straight line, which would actually make everything a little easier. Things are made even more complex, there are some countries where they don’t split up time zones. Places like Russia, Australia, and North America are split up into different time zones. The problem is that places like China and India do not. This makes traveling a little difficult in these countries because there are 4 time zone that aren’t observed in the country.

A final interesting fact about international time when traveling is that you are basically time traveling in the Pacific. The international time zone +0 exists in London, meaning that everything directly opposite of it on the globe would be either 12 hours before or after this. This isn’t a major issue, except that there are some islands that don’t follow these time zone rules in the Pacific Ocean. Some islands are 13 hours ahead and the Line Island is actually 14 hours ahead of this London time.

Hiring a Car Service

Now that you know everything that you need to know about international time, as well as some fun facts about it, you should know all about why you should hire a car service next time you take an international flight. A professional car service like Newark Airport Car & Limo Services is the best choice to get you to and from the airport. The professional drivers here have decades of experience and know the area very well. This means that you can get to where you need to safely and on time.

You need reliable transportation that is going to make sure that you don’t miss your flight. You also want to make sure that you are safe. At Newark Airport Car & Limo Services, the cars are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they are safe for clients. You have enough to worry about when you are traveling; you don’t want to worry about the car breaking down or having issues while you are traveling to the airport.

Hiring a car service is the best way to get to and from the airport.

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Traveling to and from the airport doesn’t have to be one more stressful thing on your list when traveling internationally. At Newark Airport Car & Limo Services, we handle the driving to and from the airport for you so that you can just relax while traveling. Our team of experienced drivers ensure that our clients have the best experience possible as they travel to and from the Newark International Airport. We also make booking a vehicle with us easier with our online booking system, where you can schedule your car service for when you need it. You can also easily select the vehicle that will best meet your needs for your trip. Visit our website today to book your airport transportation service.

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