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It’s Back to Business for the Airport Car Service Industry

It’s official— America is awakening.

States across the country are issuing guidance on when and how businesses can begin to reopen. It’s been difficult time for everyone, and we have missed being there for our customers. We love being your choice of airport transportation service to help you get from point A to point B.

As America reopens, travel will begin to pick back up again. Travel dropped 96%, a 10-year low, as Americans chose to stay home and shelter from COVID-19. Newark airport car service was no exception to this. Planes saw empty seats, and so did our cars. However, the busy summer season is upon us, and we know America can’t be kept down forever. Scientists are making discoveries everyday that make all activities safer, most importantly for us—travel.

We are so ready to get back behind the wheel and provide your airport limo service or car service to Newark airport.

New Jersey Regulations

The state of New Jersey has unveiled The Road Back: Moving Forward Deliberately.

It’s a three-stage plan outlining the progression of our state from closed to open for business.
During Stage One, some rules will be relaxed on low risk activities.

This includes things like beaches, parks, and curbside retail.

Stage Two will allow us to go back to restaurants, museums, and libraries. Bars and office workers will be able to return in Stage Three. Finally, after these steps, our state can reach a new normal.

However, during all these stages it’s important to remember the little things. We have been successful at flattening the curve because we have been washing our hands, wearing masks, and disinfecting surfaces regularly. These good habits must stay in effect; otherwise, we risk sliding backward into a new lockdown. The more we work together and look out for each other, the faster we can get back to being your EWR Newark Airport taxi and limo service.

We Care About Your Safety

We know you will have questions about the safety of our cars and drivers. We want to assure you that your safety is our number one priority. We are doing everything we can to ensure that not only are we the cheapest car service to Newark Airport but also the safest.

Newark Airport and the New York and New Jersey Port Authority are equally concerned about your safety. Before you head to the airport, please note that you are required to wear face covering over your mouth and nose. If you are planning to travel, it’s important to check travel.state.gov and the  CDC’s website.

How to Plan Travel During Re-Opening
  1. Remember that projected reopening dates are not definite reopen dates. Flexibility will an important quality moving forward.
  2. Airline companies and hotels are being very lenient right now to accommodate for the pandemic. Keep this in mind when booking.
  3. Window shopping never hurt anyone. Keep your eye out for good deals. This might be a good way to take your mind off stay at home orders too.
  4. If you’re staying in a hotel, be sure to disinfect everything. Travel with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. If you can’t find them in the store, here’s directions on how to make them at home.
  5. Book your transportation and accommodations well in advance! Consider us for your EWR Newark Airport taxi and limo service needs. Book here.

Our Airport Car Services

When you’re ready to hit the road again, we’re here for all your limo service and airport car service needs. Check out our variety of offerings below.

  • Newark Airport Service: With this service you have two options, on-site or pre-booking. Simply walk outside the airport and hop in one of our cars. Or pre-book before you arrive to choose the type of vehicle you want and make special requests.
  • Business Travel Services: We offer solutions for our customers that require high quality transportation for a last-minute business trip or a team retreat.
  • Constant Car and Limo Services: We are available whenever you need us. Book anytime from anywhere on our site, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Safe Travel for Kids: We offer booster seats free of charge to save you the inconvenience of traveling with them.
  • Travel Back to Newark Airport: We’ll get you back to the airport on schedule every time. Don’t stress. We’ll take care of it.

Our Transport Vehicles

Airport transportation service is the name of our game. We take you where you need to go in style and safety. See the vehicles we have available below.

  • Lincoln MKT: This luxurious town car seats up to 7. It provides a smooth ride with a leather interior, heated seats, phone chargers and Wi-Fi. This vehicle is perfect for a large group of family or friends. Book it here now. Book now.
  • Chrysler 300: This stylish ride is the perfect car to book if you’re looking to impress. Its comfortable interior is sure to please you after a stressful airport experience. It seats four, ideal for a smaller family or group. Book it here now. Book now.
  • 2020 Toyota Highlander: Ride in modern excellence in this vehicle. Stretch your legs out and be productive or entertained. Sporting a laptop desk, DVD player, Wi-Fi, and phone chargers, you can truly unwind in this 8 passenger SUV. Book it here now. Book now.
  • Chevrolet Suburban: You’ll feel like you’re in a limo with this option. Ride to and from the airport in style and comfort with a large group of 9. The onboard infotainment system will keep your group entertained as you cruise around town. Book it here now. Book now.
  • Ford Transit Passenger: Space to party or load luggage are what our passenger van offers. If you have a group of up to 15, we can accommodate everyone and their luggage with space to spare. Book it here now. Book now.

We have the answer to all your airport limo service, airport car service and airport pickup service needs during this uncertain time. Call someone you can count on to pick you up or drop you off.


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