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Newark Car and Limo Services

Travel can be stressful and exhausting. Once your flight lands, the complications do not stop. Fortunately, at Newark Liberty Airport, there are car and limo services for hire that make transiting from the airport to your final destination a breeze.

In a car or limo service, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing your journey in comfort. After hours in crowded and hectic airports and planes, private driving services offer reprieve between landing and arriving.

At EWR Newark Airport Taxi & Limo, our priority is to make sure that every bit of your trip to and from the airport is taken care of for you. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the ride. Whether you are interested as a business traveler (or booking for a business traveler), private client, or group on the go, our range of services and diverse fleet will suit your needs. Check out our services here to see what product will best match your needs.

Types of Rentals

Newark Airport car and limo services have a wide and diverse fleet at their disposal. This broad array of options means that any of your needs will be met.
For solo or couple travelers, you can hire smaller cars with plenty of legroom and luggage storage. The smaller vehicles in the fleet are Chrysler 300 and Lincoln MKT. Both cars are spacious and luxurious. These are ideal options for picking up visiting clients or other business associates as well as reliable personal hires for arriving at your destination in class and comfort.

The fleet contains a number of larger vehicles that are suited for larger groups. For groups that are closer to 3-5 people, the SUV options might be the most comfortable option. These SUV offer plenty of storage space for any baggage and enough seats to comfortably hold most families or small parties. As with any vehicle in our fleet, the SUV’s are sleek and stylish.
Groups of over six people might consider hiring one of our ford transit passenger vehicles. These are our largest option and can hold most small parties with easy. This option is popular for groups arriving in the city together for long weekends, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other group gatherings. In fact, we see our larger vehicles as the ideal party bus. After all, nothing sets the mood for a celebratory trip like a private pickup that whisks you away to your destination.

Reasons to Hire a Car

Car and limo services are useful in a variety of settings. From business trips, to parties, and anything in between, a car or limo pick up makes the trip substantially easier and more comfortable.

Hired car and limo services offer unbeatable pickup speeds. While you could order a car after arriving at the airport, you will have to wait (often outside) for an extended period of time before that car shows up. A car or limo service, however, will mean that your driver meets you at the arrival section. Instead of standing around in the cold, car and limo services mean you are immediately on the go and heading out of the airport.

Hired car and limo services have unbeatable comfort. Our fleet is not only diverse, but it is also well maintained. You will be treated to the most comfortable cars if you take the time to hire a car or limo service. Our drivers are also stellar and know the area well. Overall, car and limo services are the only way to guarantee an all-star experience from the moment you exit the airport to the moment you finally get to your lodging/home.

Hired limo and car services take all the guesswork out of arriving. Public transit can be hard to figure out (especially in a new area). It can also be late, slow, crowded, and difficult. Renting cars is complicated especially if you plan to go to New York City during your trip. Ordering a taxi or Uber upon arrival can have you waiting around or paying huge fees for making your driver wait for your checked bags to arrive. Take all the guesswork out of coordinating that last bit of travel. Car and limo services work out all the kinks for you. Flight late or delayed? No worries, we work out delays and make sure that no matter how late your flight is running, your ride after is taken care of.

Rides to Newark Airport

Our services do not just run one way. If you are looking for a ride wither to or from Newark airport, our fleet is ready to assist you. Arrive in the same style that you left. Hired car and limo services can bookend your stay in the Newark area.

If, however, you are from in town, you can hire a car or limo to drive you to the airport. With car and limo services, you do not have to worry about driving, parking, traffic or any other complication in getting to the airport. A limo or car is also a great way to get into your vacation mindset. With a hired car or limo, your whole group can arrive at the airport together and in style. This will put everyone in a good mood for the rest of the trip.

The Experience

One of the best reasons to hire a car or limo service is to give yourself and anyone traveling with you a positive experience. We understand this and always do our best to ensure that your time with us is as pleasant as possible. Your comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities.
Every detail of our business is designed to take the stress, hassle, and discomfort of travel out of your trip to and from Newark airport. To upgrade your travel experience and book a car or limo service, visit us at EWR Airport Taxi and Limo Services.


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