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Traveling to and from Newark Airport Gloucester County

Traveling to and from Newark Airport from Gloucester County NJ

Traveling to and from Newark Airport from Gloucester County NJ

Are you traveling to Gloucester County? Are you from the area and need to go to the Newark Airport? Whatever your situation is, hiring an airport car service can be the best solution for you. This is a convenient way to get to and from the airport without all of the stress involved with driving yourself. If you are traveling to the area, knowing about the municipalities and all of the exciting things that you can do here can make your trip to the area even more enjoyable.

About Gloucester County, NJ

Gloucester County, NJ has an estimated population of 291,636. This county has a rich history that begins as home to a couple of the earliest European settlements in the state, which was part of the New Sweden Colony. The county itself was established in 1686 as the courts were created separate from the court system in Burlington County. The county was officially formed in 1694 as part of the West Jersey. Parts of this county were used to form Atlantic County in 1837 and Camden County in 1844.

This county is home to the National Park municipality, which is where Fort Mercer once existed and is where the Revolutionary War Battle of Red Bank took place. There are 23 municipalities in this county, including:

  • Clayton
  • Deptford Township
  • East Greenwich Township
  • Elk Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Glassboro
  • Greenwich Township
  • Harrison Township
  • Logan Township
  • Mantua Township
  • Monroe Township
  • National Park
  • Newfield
  • Paulsboro
  • Pitman
  • South Harrison Township
  • Swedesboro
  • Washington Township
  • Wenonah
  • West Deptford Township
  • Westville
  • Woodbury
  • Woodbury Heights
  • Woolwich Township

Gloucester County is about an hour and a half away from the Newark Airport.

Things to Do in Gloucester County, NJ

If you are visiting the area, you will be happy to know that there are a wide variety of different options of things to do here. One of the biggest things to check out while you are here, especially if you love history, is the Red Bank Battlefield Park. Located along the Delaware River, the Red Bank Battlefield Park is where the Revolutionary War Battle of Red Bank took place. This was the location of both Fort Mercer and Fort Miffin, which were either destroyed or abandoned during the battle. There are walking paths that take you on a gorgeous walk along the Delaware River, giving you a perfect place for an outdoor experience.

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There are also a couple of great wineries that you can check out for tastings: the William Heritage Winery and Coda Rossa Winery. The Coda Rossa Winery is located in Franklin Township and has over 10 acres used for their grapes. They produce over 1,500 cases of wine annually. The William Heritage Winery is located in Harrison Township and is known for being among the larger winegrowers in the state. They have over 40 acres dedicated to their grapes and make 13,000 cases annually.

Another great place to check out is the Heritage Glass Museum. Located in Glassboro, this museum honors the rich tradition of the art of glassblowing and glass manufacturing in the area.

Why Hiring Airport Transportation to and from Newark Airport is Right for You

Anyone can benefit from transportation to and from the Newark Airport, whether you are from the Gloucester County area or not. This can be an especially beneficial option for people who aren’t from the area. Having someone else drive you to and from the Newark Airport can be a major time-saver and a stress-free way to travel. If you aren’t familiar with the Gloucester County, this is a great way for you to travel without worrying about getting lost. Getting lost in a place you’re unfamiliar with can make traveling even more stressful. You don’t want to be late, particularly when traveling to the airport, so an airport car service is the best solution for you.

Additionally, you will know that you are as safe as possible when you traveling to and from the airport. First of all, the drivers are professional drivers that have years of driving experience.  At Newark Airport Car and Limo Service, drivers have around 20 years of driving experience. This means that they are well-versed in defensive driving, ensuring that you are safe. The cars are also regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that the car is safe and will make it to your destination. These are guarantees that you simply can’t get when you go with a rideshare or taxi option. The driver requirements are not as stringent for these drivers as they are for professional car service drivers. Professional drivers are thoroughly vetted with a background check to protect our customers. If you want the peace of mind that these safety measures offer, an airport car service is the only choice.

You also get the guarantee of having the car service when you need it. A problem with rideshare and taxis is that you hope that there’s an available car when you need it. You may not be able to find a ride when you need it, leaving you to stress out about getting to the airport. By booking an airport car service as soon as you book your flight, you are guaranteeing that you have a car when you need it.

An airport car service is an affordable and reliable option to make sure that you get to the airport on time and safely. Stop stressing about getting to the airport and hire a car service to get you there in a timely fashion and luxurious style.


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