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Things to Do in Hunterdon County

Traveling to and from the Newark Airport from Hunterdon County

Traveling to the Newark Airport can be a stressful experience, especially if you are driving yourself. But by taking an airport car service to and from the Newark Airport from Hunterdon County, you are saving yourself time and a lot of stress. This can be especially helpful if you’re not from the area of Hunterdon County because it always causes anxiety when driving around an area you’re not familiar with. Read on to learn more about this county and why Newark Airport transportation services are the best option for you.

About Hunterdon County

Hunterdon County is known for being a picturesque rural community as well as being one of the most prestigious counties in the state of New Jersey. This is a beautiful area that’s a pleasure to ride around in, especially if you get to enjoy the beauty as someone else drives you around. A good portion of this county exists within the breathtaking Delaware Valley. Originally, this county was part of the much larger Burlington County before being established in 1714 as its own county. Other parts of this county would separate in the 18th century, including the counties of Mercer and Sussex.

This county, which is a far cry from the “New Jersey” stereotype portrayed in the media, consists of 26 municipalities, including:

  • Alexandria Township
  • Bethlehem Township
  • Bloomsbury
  • Califon
  • Clinton
  • Clinton Township
  • Delaware Township
  • East Amwell Township
  • Flemington
  • Franklin Township
  • Frenchtown
  • Glen Gardner
  • Hampton
  • High Bridge
  • Holland Township
  • Kingwood Township
  • Lambertville
  • Lebanon
  • Lebanon Township
  • Milford
  • Raritan Township
  • Readington Township
  • Stockton
  • Tewksbury Township
  • Union Township
  • West Amwell Township

There are other unincorporated areas within this county, including Pittstown and Pottersville.

Things to Do in Hunterdon County

If you’re not familiar with the area, there are plenty of things that you can do while visiting Hunterdon County. One of the things that this county is most known for is the picturesque natural setting. There are plenty of parks and outdoorsy things that you can enjoy here. Hunterdon County is particularly known for the hunting and fishing. This is considered to be among the best places to hunt white tailed deer and fish trout.

One great way to spend the day outdoors here is Round Valley Reservoir. This place is known for having beautiful and pristine blue water that is incredibly clear. This is the largest reservoir in the state, but it also offers more than just water for New Jersey residents. This location is also perfect for hiking, biking, camping, and even SCUBA.

Another great place to check out in the area is the Ken Lockwood Gorge Wildlife Management Area. This place is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire state. One of the most notable things about this location is the trout fishing. There’s also a very diverse population of mammals and birds that you can catch a glimpse of while you are walking around this area.

If you want something that isn’t outdoorsy, you can check out the Unionville Vineyards. This vineyard was once a part of the largest peach orchard in the country. These days, this vineyard produces about 4,500 cases of wine every year with grapes from their 41 acres. The wine tasting experience here is a perfect way to spend your day and you can even take part in one of the many events this vineyard offers if you’re in the area traveling.

Hiring an Airport Transportation Service to and from Newark Airport

An airport transportation service is the perfect way to travel to and from Hunterdon County and Newark Airport. If you are just visiting the area and not familiar with it, this can make traveling to and from the airport a lot less stressful for you. When you drive in an area that you don’t really know, you end up struggling with finding the best routes to and from the airport. It’s easy to get lost, which can make traveling to the airport even more stressful especially when you risk missing your flight. An airport car service can help you avoid this problem.

You may think that this is an expensive option, but this is a surprisingly affordable option. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees that you may come across with other options such as a taxi or rideshares. You may have to pay more depending on the time of day it is or if there’s a lot of traffic. With an airport car service, the price you get quoted is the price that you pay. There are no surprises.

Car services can make your life traveling to and from the airport significantly easier. You can work on business presentations while in the car being chauffeured to and from the airport. You can catch up on some sleep or just do something that relaxes you as you travel. You don’t have to worry about the stress of getting to the airport on time. You don’t have to get angry about traffic. You don’t have the anxiety of getting lost in an unfamiliar area. The driver handles the task of driving and you can just do what you want while traveling in luxury.

When you travel with an airport car service, you are hiring a highly trained and experienced driver that ensures that you are as safe as possible driving around. With decades of experience, they have the defensive driving skills that allows you to feel safe. Plus, unlike rideshare or taxi drivers, airport car service drivers are thoroughly vetted with a background check to ensure that clients are safe in these cars.


Newark Airport Car and Limo Services offers reliable airport car services to and from the Newark Airport. Whether you are traveling to Hunterdon County or from, this is a car service that can provide you the transportation you need. Newark Airport Car and Limo Services offers airport transport services to all over New Jersey, providing clients with a luxurious trip to and from Newark Airport. Contact us today to learn more about these services and book your car service.


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