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Someone who travels by air often knows that having a layover once in a while is inevitable especially if you are traveling long distances or have a connecting flight. Newark Liberty International Airport is one of those airports where a layover sometimes becomes a must but the said layover doesn’t have to be boring at all.

The Newark Liberty International Airport is not so far from the Big Apple i.e. New York City which makes it all the most exciting and offers travelers a lot many things to do. If you are traveling anytime soon and have a layover at the Newark Airport then we might have suggestions for you about what you can do and not get bored out of your mind during that time.

For you, we have some nearby and a little further away options as well if you more than a few hours during your layover.

Try the food options:

The best thing to do during a Newark Airport layover is to get something filling to eat. Airplane food can get bland and not filling at all so why not try what the airport has to offer at its various restaurants or food carts? Terminal C at the airport is where you need to go as it is known as a foodie’s paradise since it has several food joints which are a must-try due to their large variety and yummylicious cusine. The terminal has a steak house, seafood spot, and sushi spot along with various spots which serve French, Middle Eastern, and deserts as well. You can literally have it all by visiting a single spot. Some of these spots also offer all types of fast foods and kinds of pasta so that you are in the greasy homey food section as well.

If you are not looking for food but just a drink to relax and wind down then you need not worry since the very same terminal has bars that have a collection of beers, wines, cocktails, tequila, and even whiskey alongside various snacks like tacos and whatnot.

A spa break maybe?

Who doesn’t love the idea of having some time at the spa to relax especially if you are able to get a spa at the airport during a layover after a long time in a cramped airplane seat? Well if you are in need of spa time then head to the Spa which is also located in Terminal C and treat yourself to whatever your heart desires. You can go for the massage chair or just a simple manicure pedicure which will have you calmed down and ready for your remaining flight.

Buy somethings:

One of the best parts about the airport is its duty-free shop from which you can get many things not only for yourself but for others as well. You can easily stock up on various chocolates or other small items if you have some extra space to carry them with ease. If the airport shops are not enough for you, you can explore various stores which are near the airport like several designer boutiques and other souvenir shops.


Some people find it difficult to get some shut-eye while they are in the air so why not catch up on much-needed sleep during the layover? If you do need some sleep then we suggest that you check out terminal B of the airport since it has seat with no armrest which can act as a bed for your nap. If you aren’t comfortable sleeping at the airport then you also have hotel options within a few minutes’ drive from the airport where you can get to with the shuttle service or Newark airport car service.

The Lounge:

Airports are known for their lounges, similarly, Newark Liberty International Airport has several full of various facilities lounges as well which are available at a small fee and you can purchase a pass for the day with ease. The lounges have various food options as well as you can shower and sleep with peace.

Explore NY:

If you have more than a few hours then why not take advantage of that and get yourself Newark Airport car service and get to the main city for more excitement. This way you will be able to explore a new city during your travel and take in all the NY has to offer. You can visit the museums, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and whatever else that attracts your attention. You can even shop or just explore the streets of New York and see for yourself why it attracts so many people all the time.

During your Newark Airport Layover we have given you numerous options of how you can kill time but if you are someone who has more than enough time available on hand then why not leave the airport and go explore? To do so, we suggest that you reach out to Newark Airport car and limo service and rent a car or a limo if you want to travel in style, for easy traveling to whichever place your heart desires.

Newark Airport car and limo services is a sought-out and available round-the-clock car and limo service ensuring that if you need a quick ride to any place near the airport they are able to facilitate you. They are known as the best Newark airport car service due to their quick and efficient services which come with well-maintained cars and professional chauffeurs who are trained extensively to know all the possible routes and best spots to take people in case they are looking for a suggestion.

No matter what time you are at the Newark Airport you can contact Newark Car and Limo services and choose a car or a limo from their extensive variety whichever suits your requirements so that you are able to travel and explore while having your luggage with you to ensure its safety.

We wish you a fun and relaxing layover!

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