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What’s The Best Way To Transport A Group From The Airport?

What’s The Best Way To Transport A Group From The Airport?

When you’re traveling, it’s always fun to be part of a larger group. It’s great to have several people who you can share your experiences with. There are many other ways that a group can benefit you. For example, you might be able to get a group discount, helping you save money on accommodation and activities. You might also be able to split the costs between each member, giving you a budget vacation.

However, there is one area where having a large group is an issue. This is transport. Trying to arrange to get from the airport to your accommodations can often turn into a nightmare if you need to transport more than one person. Let’s take a closer look at the different options on the market, so you can make the right choice for your next vacation.


The first option that you have is taking a taxi/Uber. These can often be available at the airport, so you won’t need to spend a long time waiting for transport. Because of this, these options can become standard for many people. However, there are a few big drawbacks to this approach.

First, when you arrange a car service to Newark airport, you will need to split up your group. This can be a disappointing way to start your holiday, as you won’t be able to discuss your upcoming trip. If on a business trip, you won’t be able to use the travel time to prepare for any meetings that lie ahead.

Another big issue is that this is often one of the most expensive options. In this case, you’ll need to charter two or three separate vehicles. This is even worse if you’re traveling to see one of the many festivals or events that the Newark area hosts each year. In some cases, this can incur higher travel costs, as you might need to pay surge fees on certain services.

Lastly, if you get into a car accident, the insurance rules can be very confusing. In some cases, you might not have any protection.

Renting A Car

Another popular option that you might want to consider is hiring a rental car. This can allow all your group to stick together. However, it also has a few significant drawbacks that you might want to consider.

One of the biggest issues is how long it will take for you to rent the car. In most cases, you’ll need to fill out a wide range of forms. For example, you’ll need to complete rental agreements and sign insurance documents. This can often take a long time and is often the last thing that you want to do after a long airplane journey. Often, you’ll then need to walk through the parking lot to get the car that you’ve rented.

Another big potential issue is that you might not be familiar with the Newark area. Even if you have a GPS to help guide you, it’s still easy to get lost. It can also raise the chances that you will be involved in a car accident, as you won’t be fully focused on the road ahead. Also, if you are unfamiliar with the area, you might accidentally break road rules. This can get you into trouble with the law. In these circumstances, you might not be able to get the funds back from the rental car agreement.

Using An Airport Transport Service

However, your best option will often be a Newark airport car service, especially if you have a bigger group. There are many reasons for this, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First, you won’t need to split up your group. When you use our services, you can choose between several different transport options. For example, you’ll be able to get a party bus, which can help you kick off your holiday with a bang. In this case, they’ll be enough space for 15 people. If you have a smaller group, you can use a spacious limo or SUV. We have many different luxury cars for you to choose from, so you’ll always arrive in style.

Another big benefit is that we employ local drivers. They’ll know their way around the area, making sure that you get to your destination on-time. Also, they have a lot of experience, so they’ll know how to react quickly, to avoid getting into an accident. In the unlikely event that you do have an accident, we have insurance.

Other benefits of choosing us are that we take pride in creating the best environment for your family. If you’re traveling with children, we can offer booster seats, so they’ll be able to look out the window at the changing scenery. When you use our EWR Newark airport taxi and limo service we also ensure that our cars remain a smoke-free environment, making sure that your health is protected.

Finally, while booking a car service to Newark airport might seem like the most luxurious way to travel, it’s often one of the most affordable options. As we mentioned, you’ll often need to hire two or three taxis or Ubers to transport a larger group. When you choose a rental car, you’ll need to put down a hefty security deposit, which you might not get back. When you use a car service, you’ll be able to get a fixed price, so there aren’t any surprises on the bill.


When you’re traveling with a large group, getting the right transport option is essential. We looked at three of the most popular options that travelers might want to explore. As we’ve seen, the best choice is often to take a car service to and from Newark airport. This will often give you the lowest fees, the widest choice of vehicles, the safest driving environment, and you won’t have to split up the group. To get a free quote, make sure to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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