Why Airport Car Services are Better than Rideshare

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Why Airport Car Services are Better than Rideshare

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These days everyone seems to take a ride share to wherever they need to go, even choosing it over getting a car service to Newark Airport. While ride shares do have their place in the world of transportation, using a Newark airport car service like ours can be a much better option for you and whomever you are traveling with. Here we will take a look at just why airport car services are a much better choice than just calling up your favorite ride share company.

The Car Service Price

One of the most important factors when it comes to anything is how much it costs. Our service is one of the cheapest car services to Newark Airport, but you are getting a luxurious ride as you head to whatever your next adventure is. The same can’t be said about ride share services. You can get a fare estimator using these apps, but this doesn’t take into consideration those little hidden costs that occur when you sit down. For instance, if traffic is particularly bad on the way to the airport that day, you get charged extra for the trip.

When you contact us for our airport car service, you get transparent and honest pricing. You don’t get surprise charges because of traffic that day. The price that you get quoted is the price that you pay. It’s as simple as that.

Car & Ride Share Service Insurance

Whenever you get in the car, you want to be sure that you are protected. The problem with ride share companies is that they don’t necessarily have private driver insurance. They have insurance listed, but since it’s a subsidiary, they may try to find loopholes around their obligations. We have private driver insurance so should something happen while you are in the car with us, you will have less of a financial liability for the accident.

Experienced Car Service Drivers

To be a rideshare driver, you only need to be older than 21 and only a few years of experience driving.

This may be concerning for some people who want to get to their destination safely. When using an airport transportation service, you don’t want an inexperienced driver. They may not know the best ways to get to the airport, nor do they have the experience necessary to perform proper evasive maneuvers when driving. Our drivers are professionals who have over 20 years of experience, so that you can feel more confident in your ride with us.

Guaranteed Smoke-Free

There’s no guarantee when you get a ride share driver that their car will be smoke free. You don’t want to get into a car that smells like heavy smoke, especially if you suffer from issues like asthma. At our company, we have spent a lot of time putting policies in place to ensure the safest environment for all of our riders.

Pick Up On Schedule

With a ride share app, you have to hope that there’s a driver that’s available when you need them. This can be a risk that may not necessarily pay off, adding anxiety to your trip. With a professional driving service, you get picked up right on schedule, offering you the highest level of dependability when you need it the most. This isn’t something you can get with ride share. You want to be sure that you aren’t left stranded after your flight or miss your flight waiting for a ride share drivers to become available. Our drop-off and airport pickup services are the reliable choice that you can count on.

Enjoy Both Luxury and the Highest Safety Standards

Your ride share driver has minimal requirements to be a driver. For instance, the car needs to be insured and pass inspection, but there are few other requirements aside from that. This means that you can’t guarantee that something won’t happen to the car while you are driving in it. Our team thoroughly inspects each vehicle to make sure that it is running properly and that there are no issues. These are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that they are in the best condition. Plus, you have several car options to choose from, which can meet the needs of a larger group or just yourself. Our cars scream comfort and luxury, giving you the best experience as you head to the airport.

Best For Traveling with a Group

Heading on a family vacation with your large family? Enjoying a weekend away with your closest friends? A ride share may not be the best choice for you since there may not be room for everyone. We have plenty of options in our fleet to ensure that everyone in your party can get to the airport at the same time so that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your trip.

Drivers are Thoroughly Vetted

As previously mentioned, there aren’t a whole lot of requirements for ride share drivers. These drivers often aren’t as properly vetted as with a professional service, meaning that you just have to hope for the best when taking a ride share. This isn’t something that everyone is willing to chance. The professional drivers that work with us our thoroughly vetted to ensure the safety of each of our customers. We want our customers to feel safe, not worry about who their driver is. You have enough to worry about as you travel, you don’t need to worry about who’s driving you as well.


Ride share services offer convenience for a variety of things that make it a great option. However, if you are looking for quality airport transportation, you need to trust airport car services like ours. We know that travelers need reliable service, with transparent pricing. You have a lot of your to-do list already when you’re traveling, so let us worry about getting you there and back so you don’t have to.

A car service is a simple and easy solution to make sure that you get where you need to. When you trust us, we make sure you get there in style and in luxury.



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