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Know More About Newark Liberty International Airport

With traveling to foreign lands and locally again taking off, the airports have started to hustle and bustle with crowds of people again. Similarly, Newark Airport has seen an influx of people with restrictions easing off and people are wanting to know what the airport itself has to offer and how will it be when it will be landing. Passengers who are waiting at the Newark Airport also want to know about how they can entertain themselves while they wait for their flight.

We have the answers to all the questions that might be roaming around your mind so if you want to know more about Newark Liberty International Airport this is the blog you need to read.

Basic Newark Airport Information:

Originally known as Newark Metropolitan Airport, Newark Airport is an international airport that shares the boundaries of Newark and Elizabeth, two cities of New Jersey. Operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Newark Airport is the most significant and one of the major airports of the Metropolitan area. The airport is operated by more than 24,000 people who ensure its smooth running.

A Little History About Newark Airport

The airport dates back to the time of WWII and was later taken over by the Port Authority due to which its central terminal which was constructed in 1935 is a national historical landmark. It was known as the busiest airport in 2017 as it serves huge numbers of passenger traffic. It is the third-largest hub for United Airlines and well as the FedEx Express.

The Newark Airport Runways

Covering space of 2,027 acres, the airport features three runways along with a helipad use for special purposes and quick traveling. One of the runways, Runway 11/29 is one of the three that was built during WWII, while the other two were closed down. Later new runways were created which have been extended to 2000 ft. All runways have to Instrument Landing Systems and are certified for Category III approaches. All the runways are completely landlocked unlike many other airport runways of the state which are near a waterbody.

Newark Airport Terminals

Three terminals make up the airport and have 121 gates in total in which Terminal C has the most number of gates. Each terminal is further divided into three concourses which are interconnected with other terminals.

Terminal A and B

Terminal A and B date back to 1973 and have four levels each. Terminal A usually handles domestic as well as Canadian flights while having its ticket counters on the top floor, baggage carousels are on the second floor and the first floor is reserved for parking. Terminal B is exclusively for foreign carriers having an arrival lounge on the second floor for international arrivals.

Terminal C

Terminal C was contrasted in 1988 and was later upgraded in 2003 with the latest technologies and expansion. It has two ticketing levels for international and domestic each. The terminal prides itself in having space for at least 19 narrow-body aircraft and a 3,400 space parking garage. Many food and shopping outlets are present in this terminal which is all located on the mezzanine level. Another special feature of terminal C is the access to almost 6000 iPad with free Wi-Fi in its arrival lounge and 55 new restaurants that showcase celebrity chefs and many new restaurants which were all added recently.

Newark Airport Ground travel:

Newark Airport has a number of round travel options to take you to your desired location within the airport as well as to the nearby hotels and spots. Their ground travel is as well-equipped as the air travel having train, bus, cars, and limos as well. Each mode of transport has access to all the terminals to make the movement around the airport easy.

The train system of Newark Airport is a monorail system known as AirTrain Newark. It has a station at every terminal of the Newark Airport and is served by New Jersey Transit’s Northeast Corridor Line and North Jersey Coast Line even having a number of regional substations. The train service is free for passengers traveling to and from the parking lot, garages, and rental car facilities.

About New Jersey Transit

As for the buses, NJT buses are ready to take you to your destination having multiple stops during the ride. Express buses are operated by the Olympia Trails for quick movement of the passengers and those who do not want to spend more than necessary time in the airport.

If you are the person who wants to travel alone and want their personal space after the flight then a private rental is the perfect option and Newark airport has many options to choose from. You can get yourself a rental before or even after you land at the airport and with so many options you can select the services that best suit your budget.

You can contact the rental services from the free cellphone waiting area which is specially designed for passengers waiting at the airport for their cars or limos.
That brings us to suggest you opt for Newark Airport Car and Limo Service whenever you are looking for the finest car services close to Newark Airport.

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The cars and limos are all well maintained to ensure the quality of the travel as well as the safety of our passengers. We guarantee a smooth and safe ride for which we also provide you with trained chauffeurs who are ready to take you to your destination promptly. They are well versed with the routes so that you can avoid all sorts of traffic and any blockades.

We pride ourselves on sanitizing all our cars after every ride so that you can travel without any stress and anxiety in these testing times.

We wish you safe traveling!

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